Underground Farming [Minecraft]

Submitted by DracoSys on Mon, 11/10/2014 - 13:43

DracoSys and Family Survive Minecraft, Episode 10
I started to make use of the rooms below the house beginning with underground farms. The water source irrigates its own level of farmland and falls to irrigate the levels below it as well. After muscling around with the water and getting the farm trenches dug out, extra lighting goes up and the wheat gets planted.
BonnieMcAwesome begins to really dig into the achievements by getting some of the basics over with. When I finish the underground farms, I'm up top beginning to establish some form of yard so we can be relatively safe at night. I wasn't able to finish it before sunset on this Minecraft day.
At sundown, I was tired of hopping up and down each level of the basement so I began installing the overdue stairs while the others smacked some zombies and skeletons around.

Achievements Acquired:
[BonnieMcAwesome] Time to Strike, Time to Farm, Time to Mine, Getting an Upgrade, Bake Bread, Monster Hunter
[Sonic_Aiden] Bake Bread

Minecraft Info: Official 1.8 Dedicated Server, Normal Difficulty




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