Ooh! Shiny! [Minecraft]

Submitted by DracoSys on Mon, 11/10/2014 - 23:55

DracoSys and Family Survive Minecraft, Episode 14
Skipping the Leather armor set, I finally smelted my collection of Iron Ore and made an entire Iron Armor set. Did I mention I was kind of frugal? I'm still rockin' Stone Pickax and Stone Shovel... now with shiny armor!
At first, I was going to prep for spelunking a newly discovered cave. However, I got sidetracked when making a few tools. Some necessities for my caving trips include a Bucket of Water and Ladders. After doing a Bucket check, I thought of creating a water source down below, closer to the deeper work areas. Another Bucket is born. Ooh! Sheers. We need those at some point to, no?
So then, it's off to create the water source down below but, I have to finish that room. Which means I need to finish the one above it!
Thus completes the final underground farm level and we now have a new water source.

Minecraft Info: Official 1.8 Dedicated Server, Normal Difficulty




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