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Jockey midair attack
Reloading within a few feet of a spitter
Shooting a spitter through a door with a shotgun
Flaming witch
Dodged a hunter's pounce

Last night's live session of Left 4 Dead 2 was a slight breath of fresh air. Unfortunately though, we were down a member of our regular L4D2 team. The Nick and I, decided to run without any mutations starting from the first campaign, Dead Center. Really, it was I who decided. I'm pretty sure I didn't give The Nick a chance to voice his opinion before hitting, "Start Game."

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Single Broadcast, Multiple Channels

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Live stream to all the networks meme
Submitted by DracoSys on Sun, 08/03/2014 - 17:28

In doing research in the field of streaming live game broadcast video, I attempted to find what is the best service to use. After several days worth of reading forums, blogs and reddit posts, I found that while most people flock to Twitch, there's a ton of people who don't prefer their streaming service (and this was before confirmation of Google buying Twitch). That leaves a lot of potential viewers out.




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