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Submitted by DracoSys on Sun, 08/03/2014 - 17:28

In doing research in the field of streaming live game broadcast video, I attempted to find what is the best service to use. After several days worth of reading forums, blogs and reddit posts, I found that while most people flock to Twitch, there's a ton of people who don't prefer their streaming service (and this was before confirmation of Google buying Twitch). That leaves a lot of potential viewers out. Also, I found a few other less popular streaming networks. Two of which caught my attention: and Gamewisp. Every service has their own features, quirks and limits. As such, each has their own set of fans.
Requires streams or events to be scheduled and after the event is over, it's just another YouTube video. The cool thing is, not only is it automatically added to the most popular video site, it's URL stays the same as when the event is live; shared once, and people going through old posts won't dig up a dead link.
YouTube's live broadcasting is a little less popular than Twitch. Even my wife didn't know it was possible for a little person like myself to just setup shop and broadcast our gaming live through their service.
That's not to say it's completely unknown. YouTube has quite a few live viewers looking for current broadcasts that shouldn't be left out of the loop.
YouTube has tools on the broadcaster's end of things that allows for easier setups for multiple cameras (or streams) as well as inserting slides or ads for breaks in streaming. Bio break anyone?
By far the most popular live game broadcasting network available. It's viewers stumble around the explore option quite often.
It's a little wonky from the broadcaster's perspective at times because you're not required to set it up ahead of time... unless you want it to make sense. For example, if you forget to change the game you're playing, you'll be broadcasting Minecraft when the channel states you're shooting terrorists in Counter Strike.
The above issue isn't a big deal. Especially when you consider that at any time, it's rather simple to just start your broadcast mid-game and just play... live... on the internet.
Twitch will randomly interrupt your broadcast with advertisements. We all know why, so I'm not complaining about that aspect of it but, it would be nice to have a little control over it.
Gamewisp is very new and in its Beta stages. There's some bugs and quirks but it's still functional enough to get in early and help the developers out.
Similar to YouTube, you need to plan your broadcast ahead of time and set it up with a scheduled time.
Gamewisp features the ability to tip the broadcaster instantly, giving a little under 25% directly to Gamewisp (for obvious reasons, like it's their platform) and the rest directly to the gamer.
The developers are awesome and they are involved. During their beta phase, they're quick to hotfix tiny unforeseen bugs and will help gamers not only broadcast their gameplay but even check in personally on the live streams to see their product first hand
Hitbox is VERY similar to Twitch; there's a few very subtle differences between them.
This service allows the broadcaster to manually transition to commercial breaks and even controls how long they should be.
Like all networks, Hitbox has its own fan base and set of viewers who regularly go through the Explore option of finding what they're looking for.

Naturally, I'm indecisive because I favor balance compromise. I hate settling for one thing over another. I'm also fairly skilled in server administration and web development. Put the two together and we have my final conclusion: BROADCAST TO ALL THE THINGS! Simultaneously... yes, all 4 at the same time!

So pick your poison! I will usually plan ahead for YouTube but the others I'll just randombly broadcast to whenever I feel like it. Left 4 Dead 2 is the only scheduled event but more scheduled shows coming soon! You can watch DracoSys Gaming My System LIVE in each of these places:




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