Minecraft 1.7.9 Fresh Vanilla SMP Live Recap

Submitted by DracoSys on Wed, 05/14/2014 - 15:49

Last night was the first full length live stream via Twitch on my channel which everyone should follow! So click here and Minecraft survival multiplayer server and we got a nice jump on things in our new world that began with selecting a primary location for our base. A decent start even with my ADHD while -- SQUIRREL! -- digging holes and punching trees.

TDGuy plotted out a starting area and we gathered resources. First couple nightfalls were pretty haphazard as we were fairly slacking on a dedicated structure to close us off from the baddies. I built a wall to at least keep out TDGuy’s primary killer, Creepers. Typical me, starved for the first two Minecraft days. I guess I really should go into Hard difficulty as Normal (and lesser difficulties) has made me lazy!

We began a descent to a depth of 11 blocks above bedrock which was completed with climb’n’drop shaft, branch and strip mining as well as a central node for smelting and temporary storage. Being economic, we burned through stone tools. We used the initial mining zone to get a decent amount of resources for a lively stock of Iron, a great jump on Gold and of course plenty of Coal. Fairly typical for my usual Minecrafting. Another typical event, my first death being stupid as shown in the included short video.

During a lot of this we were fighting a slight food shortage. TDGuy jumped on stacked farm plots to remedy that as well as some animal ranch pits. We need more cows!! MOAR MOO! We haven’t found a single cow yet and I want me some steaks.




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