Let's Play Unreal Tournament 3 Series Complete

Let's Play Unreal Tournament III by DracoSys
Submitted by DracoSys on Mon, 09/01/2014 - 13:02

As old as it may be, Unreal Tournament 3 is still a hell of a great game. At face value it seems like a very typical shooter (and in many ways it can be). However, it has some nice differences to the standard shooter in their game modes. I have completed my "Let's Play Unreal Tournament 3 Campaign" series and feel it deserves a sort of summary. Here's the entire Let's Play UT3 Campaign Playlist.

Unreal Tournament 3's storyline was pretty basic and straight forward with a simple plot and no really big twists. The only true pitfall, in my opinion, was most of Act III seemed to be just lame excuses to blow shit up and shoot things. Granted, that's more than required in this game. It's too damn fun to put much focus into why you're doing it. So yeah it was pretty typical: pissed off the soon-to-be hero, his talents are found by entities to save him, he's used for corporate gains using his need for vengeance as ploy, then lied to, he gets over-zealous and is sold out and betrayed, he wins then loses something in return. Oh and, possibly not the end with a sort of "To be continued.." type of finale.

Game Mode: Capture the Flag
Using Hoverboards was a pretty cool touch to get a boost in speed with the added fallback of taking a time-heavy fall if hit by anything, thus dropping the flag. Adding vehicles to Capture the Flag without the ability to carry the flag in a vehicle is a nice challenge. You can get to the opponents' flag heavily armored and plowing through the enemies by running them over or blowing them up with bigger weapons. You can also use the extra speed with some vehicles to chase down their flag carrier if need be. That means they can chase you down as well. A lot of this combined gave a more unique Capture the Flag than other shooters at the time.

Game Mode: Warfare
In the UT3 warfare mode, key points must be taken advantage of and usually in a sort of "chain" to connect Nodes until it connects to your opponents' Power Core. This is usually required to make it vulnerable to attack. Once destroyed, they can no longer sustain their forces in the area. There's also the added bonus of vehicles and turrets in many of these missions. Using Orbs to instantly take nodes is key as you only get one at a time and it usually spawns in only one location as well as having a cooldown. Orbs are similar to flags in how they're transported and can't be transported in a vehicle. When Orbs are dropped as from their carriers dying, they remain there for a few seconds allowing a teammate to pick it up and continue. In order to destroy the Orb, an opposing soldier sacrifices 100 health points to do so.

Another bonus in the warfare game modes is that some of them have alternative ways of damaging enemy power cores which can be used alongside the usual method of chaining nodes together and attacking the enemy Power Core directly. Warfare is very similar to a King of the Hill type of game mode but much more complex and entertaining.

My Screencasting
Unfortunately for the sake of a great game, it was also a sort of guinea pig for testing my screencasting capabilities and testing different settings. I finally reached an optimal point at the last 5 or so videos to be a decent 720p quality. Also, the sound is amazing. Freaking love the kill streak voice and loud clean sounds (even though some of my earlier videos didn't do it justice).

This game is/was awesome and I'm looking forward to the new Unreal Tournament (aka Unreal Tournament 4 or Unreal Tournament 2014)!! Below is my Let's Play series beginning with the first video, check it out and subscribe to me on YouTube for constant gaming videos!




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