Let's Play Bastion Gameplay Video Series Complete

Rucks talking to The Kid after defending The Bastion
Lighting fire to the prickly bramble weed in Colford Cauldron
The Bastion is under siege by the Ura, an elite and very samurai style people.
Flame Bellows "Burning Carousel" special ability, burning some Ura
Picked up the Battering Ram, the ultimate weapon in Bastion
Thank You for Playing - new game mode unlocked and features listed.
New Game Plus: New game with structures, spirits and idols unlocked plus all weapons and XP from the last game.
Score Attack Mode: New game with structures, spirits and idols unlocked with repeatable areas and a scoring system
Submitted by DracoSys on Wed, 07/16/2014 - 11:26

It is done! Let's Play Bastion [No Commentary] gameplay video series is complete, edited, uploaded and published. About 4 hours total in video split up between each level and trips to The Bastion (home base) is what it's summed up to. However, keep in mind I left the game credits in the final video. Supergiant Games and everyone that was on the Bastion project deserves at least that much.

The game was amazing! I had a lot of fun playing it for the purpose of making these gameplay videos. This is my first official series of videos and I learned a lot. I got to know the ins and outs of screen capturing with a few types of software. This unfortunately has lead to a couple quality issues pushing through performance snags, skips and extra encoding. I used Fraps for the recording followed by Adobe Premiere CS6 to get the raw .avi encoded into the h.264 .mp4 format which YouTube suggests. I have messed with a few settings for this process on the way but the last 20 or so videos should be pretty uniform.

I chose not to allow any commentary whatsoever. Once a minute or two of video is watched, it's easy to understand why. The story is narrated by the character named "Rucks." I didn't want to interrupt him as his storytelling narrative was an integral part of the game, in my humble opinion. I found myself being able to just listen to some of these gameplay videos to know what's going on which is pretty unique for a game.

Is the game over with the completion of my Let's Play videos? Absolutely not! There's more afterward. Taking a look at the screenshots to the left, the "Thank You for Playing" gives a list of what's unlocked by beating the game for the first time on Normal. Once you head back to the main menu, you get the options, "New Game Plus" and "Score Attack Mode." Both of which let you start off with a few bonuses and progress your character further with greater challenges.

I'll do an in depth Bastion game review in the next few days. Can't wait until I can purchase Supergiant Game's "Transistor" for another awesome adventure! So, here it is! 4 hours of me, DracoSys, playing Bastion as The Kid in an epic story narrated by Rucks!




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