Left 4 Dead 2 with PWMB

"Give Blood" sign in a zombie killing game
As Ellis, I'm healing myself while Bonnie McAwesome covers for us
Bonnie McAwesome throwing a Bile Bomb at the inflamed tank.
The view shortly after a Boomer pukes on you
I was ridden by a flaming Jockey
The team on the catwalk watching as we take the getaway vehicle without stopping for them.
A nice close up of The Witch as she's attacking me while incapacitated. Bonnie McAwesome and The Nick helping to take her out.
Submitted by DracoSys on Tue, 07/08/2014 - 20:28

"I found a tank... nope nope nope"

Left 4 Dead 2 is a first-person shooter (FPS) where players take on the roles of survivors during a zombie apocalypse. Sounds pretty cliche but the game's elegance is in its simplicity: shoot zombies in order to survive from one safe room to the next. That's it. There's weapons of several types, including melee weapons. Some melee weapons are Frying Pans and even Golf Clubs. Ammo's limited (except for your secondary weapons; pistols and melee). It's fun without a bunch of extra frills.

Every now and then people from a Facebook group I'm in will join up for an hour or two of some zombie shooting. We're all part of a group called PWMB (aka "Power Wash My Balls"). Yeah, it's kinda like that in our Facebook group. Anything goes.

The Nick's been out of it for a while but his skills come back on this night, especially with his constant pyrotechnics. My wife, Bonnie McAwesome likes to go between "Melee Warrior" and "Uzi Gangsta". BloopImmaJellyfish joined about half way through. What seemed to stand out for me personally, was several, "Nope nope nope" moments. I'm normally ahead of my team to keep it pushin' forward. That gets me a lot of sudden, "BOO!" specials popping up in my face. Here's some content from one of our latest ventures. A few screenshots for some highlights (included on the left).

Of course, I like videos to get everything so that's here, too! It's a long one, 2 hours! Enjoy any bit of it you want. Be sure to check me out on YouTube and subscribe, please!




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