Borderlands x3 and Minecraft

DracoSys as Athena and The Beard's Night Vallin as Claptrap in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel!
DracoSys | Son, Sonic_Aiden | Wife, Bonnie_McAwesome
DracoSys as Wilhelm in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel!
DracoSys as Gaige, The Mechromancer, in Borderlands 2 featuring Deathtrap
Submitted by DracoSys on Tue, 11/11/2014 - 14:59

I've been busy on 4 different projects! I spread myself too thin... but I love gaming and I like to keep busy. The current series projects are at various stages in production. Three series have videos already published so check them out and subscribe to my gaming channel on YouTube for new videos!

I've slowed down on this series a bit in light of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! However, the raw video is recorded already and in production. I'm mainly holding back on publishing the episodes because SO MUCH BORDERLANDS! It's not really a bad thing until you think about the flooding of Borderlands thumbnails and text everywhere. In the latest episodes, Sonic_Aiden and I meet Lilith (aka, The Firehawk) and take out some Bloodshot bandits. After that, we head to see Ellie in The Dust and played in the dirt for a while. This series will go all the way through defeating Handsome Jack and The Warrior. No commentary for these videos.

This series actually started as a live broadcast on Twitch at the release of The Pre-Sequel. After having some time to be viewed there, I'm cutting the footage into YouTube-friendly episodes. I've experimented with a few ideas in how to play through the series so far. It'll be much more fluid and stable for the rest of the playlist. After a rough start in getting used to some new concepts and mechanics in the latest Borderlands game, I've so far got the series through the first set of missions from Jack and Springs to get into Concordia; the main city on Pandora's Moon, Elpis. There's a bit of commentary in this series, even though I have a crappy mic and my computers make it sound like I'm next to a freeway.

DracoSys and Family Survive
The new Minecraft series is all of my gameplay on our family server. This series is of minimal editing and is supposed to play out more like a raw video blog, or vlog, whatever you want to call it. It's just our Minecraft survival story through my view. I'll have special episodes showing off the other family member's creations and work down the line. From this will also spawn some side-videos for things like specific in-game projects, tips, tricks, and of course montages.
Before this series, I was avoiding Minecraft quite a bit for several reasons:

  • I only like to play Survival Multi-Player (SMP). My previous Minecraft partner's been pretty busy and distant and I was originally trying to save Minecraft time for a 1.7.9 server we started a couple months ago. My wife and son for a while showed no interest in Minecraft. My son, instead, wanted to be playing Borderlands 2 which is where a lot of my Mechromancer series comes from.
  • In playing SMP, I loathe playing on a localized server (where one player hosts the server on their own gaming client). It needs to be a dedicated server. I didn't feel like setting up another Minecraft server until 1.8 was released and had been played for a while so I knew what to expect as far as bugs, if any.
  • There's so much Minecraft content already available! I don't care about competition, most of what I do is for fun. However, I also didn't feel like adding more to an already flooded niche in the net.

Alas, my son finally bugged me to play Minecraft for a couple days straight. I did what every gaming geek dad would do and launched a brand new, fresh, clean, and up to date dedicated Minecraft server. It may not actually be that amazing but, considering he hadn't played since ver1.7.2 and I hadn't played since the beginning of ver1.7.9, the official 1.8 version is pretty wicked.

Athena and Claptrap featuring Night Vallin
My friend from Night Vallin of The Beard Gaming is the entire reason I am able to play this badass game! So... why would we not want to play some co-op together? Night Vallin's playing as Claptrap and me as Athena while we help Jack try to save the Moon! Yeah, that's right... Jack's the hero and we're on the moon... of Pandora, named Elpis. So far we've found that I can't shoot for shit but, I'm an amazing discus player with a love for butt-slams and he's a killer sniper that likes to jump on my head while dancing to his mini-me that he throws out.

So there's the news for now. Grab some popcorn, head over to my channel, subscribe and enjoy!




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