Holiday Updates

Ahoy, gamers! It's the holidays! Some people celebrate stuff during this season, including my family and myself. I'm still truckin' away at producing several video series simultaneously. I think my YouTube Channel's a testament to said progress. I've got a lot more on the way. Let's hope some of you are enjoying them.

This week will be a hell of a nice jump forward in catching up with both of my previous series, Mechromancer and Wilhelm from Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel respectively. Over the next couple of weeks, I'm looking to get out 5-7 of each of these two per week. A good chunk of the video's cut, some rendered, and on their way to YouTube.

Gaming with TDGuy has given me plenty to produce from our Ark: Survival Evolved story. A workflow for these in between daily life to get out 3 episodes per week is possible but still a bit rough at this point. I got a couple out last week and 2 more ready for this week. I'm really pushing to get 3-4 of these out per week.

We also have an action-packed quick series, Orcs Must Die 2. These quick levels are great time and fun time-killers for TDGuy and myself to just rain death upon a bunch of orcs and trolls. Episode 2 should be released on Tuesday December 22 and be kept around 1 episode per week, max of 2.

I will be sure to have a couple videos scheduled for release on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. You know... in case you're bored. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel, follow me on Twitter, and/or Like my page on Facebook! Happy Holidays, everyone!




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