Audio: Bane of My Existence

Audio elements; microphone and speaker

For most of my digital life, audio has sucked. Too many damn volumes to level and handle. What's worse is trying to get that extra step of making sure that recording picks up on the same levels which I hear...

It's always been a pain in my ass for recording or streaming my gaming videos. First I have to make sure my microphone is picking up on my voice at a volume that goes with my content. Getting the game sounds tweaked just right isn't too difficult. It's just another step. It definitely makes things interesting when thinking about doing some kind of "unboxing" gig for something like a "new release" showing. I can't do that too easily, as I may be hearing differently than what OBS hears. So while I think everything is at a decent level with a new game, OBS may pick up all game sounds to blow out speakers and leave me as a tiny whisper in the background. List of items to check on solo:

  • System
  • OBS: System
  • OBS: Microphone
  • Game: Music
  • Game: Effects

My recent spike in activity, sort of a revival, came based on a few factors in life. Mostly due to my good friend, TDGuy, getting back into the saddle of co-op gaming and creating videos. This has added a whole new level of f**kery in my audio. It may seem like we're just adding 2 elements to the sound check list, Teamspeak (general) and the user-specific for Teamspeak. However, we have to keep in mind that each item in the list (usually) has to be leveled with every other individual item in the list. So it's not just adding 3 steps of work, it's an exponential increase.

I have many other odd issues with volume leveling on computers which aren't game specific, and that definitely doesn't help. Maybe at some point in the near future I'll get this all nailed down and not have to worry about it. Until then... onward with massive (and crappy) audio editing. The editing still comes after vigorous testing with TDGuy, repeatedly having conversations while messing around in games to tweak the audio settings and hope for the best after encoding.

For anyone out there reading who has a handle on this, feel free to share some links/info which helps level everything (besides Winblows Mixer, its results vary far too much) by contacting me so I can get out of this repetitive audio hell.




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