I Miss Doing This

I truly miss publishing my gaming experiences. I don't have any specific reason to give for dropping out of the loop on this.

I've still been rockin' the usual stuff... just not sharing it. Work. Family. Gaming. GAMING! I even got an entirely new computer, of course I've been enjoying it!

So what have I been up to in the realm of games? A good portion of my gaming is shared with son. He's 9 years old (soon to be 10) so his mind changes a lot. I'm cool with that. I'll game the hell out of damn near anything. I also keep some of my own gaming desires going as well.

Where we left off was with my family's Minecraft series. At the time, I was many hours behind publishing the series. Video? Still here. Chillin' on my hard drive(s) completely uncut, raw, days worth of footage. Maybe I'll get to it? We'll have to see. It was rather boring in the first place, captures the eye of only a few.

Another incomplete series, which is recorded but not published, is Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - Wilhelm. This I will definitely finish cutting and publishing at some point. I also had another co-op series with The Beard Gaming's Night Vallin, "Athena and Claptrap" which will probably not be re-visited. I'm kind of a shit for dropping the ball on that. At least, I'm pretty sure it was only me. The Beard's still going strong.

Some history, I used to play a game called "Galaxy Online II" via Facebook. Killer game, once you look past the Facebook bit of it. Definitely a complex strategy game. I got out of that one a long while ago, I came into the game too late and couldn't keep it going. Earlier this year (or rather late last year), IGG released Galaxy Online 3 for mobile. Got an entirely different story behind that one which I'll get into at another time. However, this is another one of the games I've been playing.

Let's see... what else? I booted up my own StarMade server for my son and I to play on. We had fun on that for quite a while. During that time I was really just getting a feel for the game, thinking about recording. Then they dropped some big update(s) on us and went through trying to learn new stuff simultaneously showing and explaining things to the minion. Oh, then he wanted to play something else with me.

So bring on ye ole fantasy MMORPG. Yep, one of those. We went through Aion, Rift, and Runes of Magic to see what he liked... and he really liked RoM and now we're on that regularly.

On the side, I've played a bit of Defiance while waiting for Space Engineers to clean it's stuff up to bring on planets! For a couple weeks, I played some Ark: Survival Evolved. Another survival game? Yeah, another one.... but you can ride freaking dinosaurs!! It's really badass, just very unstable at the time. Killed my drive for it.

Our Left 4 Dead 2 group kinda went quiet. I do miss doing the live streams of PWMB on L4D2 with wife and friends.

Sooo, that's the recap. Before I really get back into things, this site is butt-fugly. I need to redesign it while some video's cookin'




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