Southern Shelf Complete [Borderlands 2]

DracoSys Plays Borderlands 2 Mechromancer, featuring Gaige and her robot, Deathtrap.
Southern Shelf area loading screen
Knuckledragger intro clip, bullymong mini-boss
Sir Hammerlock intro clip, friendly old fashioned hunter with a robotic arm and leg.
Boom ...and his brother Bewm
Captain Flynt, leader of the bandits on The Southern Shelf
Midge-Mong, a bullymong-riding midget

The first 4 episodes (not including the Borderlands 2 prologue) are complete and released! This first set is all in the Southern Shelf area of Pandora and starts with some meaningful introductions to Borderlands 2. Obviously this includes primitive mechanics, I get an ECHO communicator (basically the H.U.D.), and some very basic storyline. Other introductions include first-hand experiences with Claptrap and Sir Hammerlock as well as a few bosses and mini-bosses:

There's some other tidbits in there that make brief appearances such as Angel, the omnipresent woman who shows up in front of my face and unlocks a door. We also hear from someone we'll be hearing all the way up until we kill him, Handsome Jack (Best. Bad guy. Ever!). I've thrown in a couple of slow-motion replays for clips I thought were awesome but, I'll try to take it easy on those. Below are the videos for this set which gets us through the Southern Shelf. Next, we'll be making our way through Three-Horns Divide! Enjoy!





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