Picking Up After Slow Month

For the last month I've been a pretty major slacker on the gaming front. Life in the real world was a bit on the rough side. Work suddenly became super stressful. I saw a dentist a couple times and, in total, had 3 teeth pulled. The month finally reached its pinnacle with being laid off. A couple other excuses and side stories as well such as getting the run-around on a Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel game code (fuck you, Nvidia) and waiting for a new awesome icon logo from a kick-ass artist.

I wasn't completely dead, though. I was still around the net and on some games without publishing anything minus my begging to play Firefly Online closed beta. There was also some Left 4 Dead 2 LIVE sessions of killing zombies with BonnieMcAwesome and The Nick. I only missed a few of those events, including last night's. However, I will definitely be available for tomorrow night's (Sunday, October 5th 2014) live broadcast of zombie killing! I may even tone it down on L4D2 a bit anyway to start getting more into my original intent; PLAY ALL THE THINGS!

During this month, I did manage to gather about 20+ hours of gameplay video for Borderlands 2. Yeah, that's happening before the pre-sequel so definitely keep an eye out for new Borderlands 2 content. In the upcoming BL2 series I'm playing Gaige, the Mechromancer. I'll be kicking ass through Pandora alongside my trusty BFF Deathtrap all the way through Normal mode including taking out Handsome Jack's ultimate prize, The Warrior. My son, SonicAiden, will be with me throughout as Axton, the Commando. This series will be pretty fast and thrown together as far as editing goes because I'm clearing the table for The Pre-Sequel when it is released in a little more than a week.

A last little point of detail, is the new site! I didn't feel like there was enough happening with the old style. Also, it was only a slightly modified theme picked up somewhere random off the net. I wanted something custom, easier on the eyes at night and easier to modify the internal layout of posts containing multiple types of media. There will also be (new and improved) individual filters for each type of media soon starting with screenshots and video.




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