Borderlands The Pre-Sequel is Here!

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Wallpaper Featuring All Vault Hunters; Wilhelm, Athena, Nisha, Claptrap
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel! Wilhelm by DracoSys, LIVE
Wilhelm's poster of inspiration, "No!"
DJs in Moxxi's remind me of a famous musical group...
Moxxi's out of character look; her true self
"Moxxi's Back Door" because innuendos are awesome
This is a hoverbike style vehicle called the Stingray

Last night at midnight EST, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel was released and in less than 10 minutes, I was broadcasting my gaming of Wilhelm. So far the game kicks ass and is a little more challenging than the first two Borderlands games...

The low gravity adds an entirely new dimension to combat and travel. Oxygen (O2) also adds another lifeline to keep an eye on. Another new bonus is the new skill which allows you to slam (aka butt-slam) into the ground causing an area of effect (AoE) explosion of sorts around the character. These things combined gives us a new item type which, in a sense replaces, the relic slot. Similar to relics, the Oz Kits, have different bonuses to them not commonly found in other gear. Oz Kits standard includes are O2 Capacity and Slam Damage.

FIRE ZE LAZERS! That's right! We get laser beam weapons! MOAR PEW PEW! Torgue doesn't like it much because he likes things that go BOOM! Boom is still cool in The Pre-Sequel though so lasers don't completely replace them. There's a new element in the town of weapons, Cryo, aka freeze or ice. Just as one would expect, it has a chance to slow enemies and cause a little damage over time (DoT). However, the uber bonus is the chance to completely freeze, or be frozen, in place! Completely wicked and a whole new type of BOOM when a kill shot is made on an enemy which is frozen solid.

At this point, my only experience with the new Vault Hunters is Wilhelm. I haven't had a chance to play Athena, Nisha or Claptrap. Not only am I fan of the half-cyborg types but, I figured Athena and Claptrap would be everyone's top pick with Nisha as a close backup. I'll be streaming Wilhelm live via my Twitch channel exclusively before I air the gameplay video series on YouTube. So check it out there and follow me on Twitch and stay tuned for any live games and other Borderlands gaming!

Enjoy Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Opening Cutscene below, or here on YouTube:





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