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Jockey midair attack
Reloading within a few feet of a spitter
Shooting a spitter through a door with a shotgun
Flaming witch
Dodged a hunter's pounce

Last night's live session of Left 4 Dead 2 was a slight breath of fresh air. Unfortunately though, we were down a member of our regular L4D2 team. The Nick and I, decided to run without any mutations starting from the first campaign, Dead Center. Really, it was I who decided. I'm pretty sure I didn't give The Nick a chance to voice his opinion before hitting, "Start Game."

For quite some time we've been doing purely mutations; primarily Gib Fest. Chainsaw Massacre mutations still had the full baddies but, the chainsaws are pretty wicked in their damage. Both Gib Fest and Chainsaw Massacre mutations was just a lot of mowing through mobs non-stop and without hesitation. The Four Swordsmen mutation doesn't have regular zombies, only the specials. Each has their own pros and cons.

It was odd using such small weapons in comparison to our usual. Even more strange was the use of multiple weapons! It was all original stuff but, still, it seemed like everything was shiny and new! I had plenty of fun with my Spaz shotgun, Magnum and most other weapons. I gotta say though, I still don't like the SMG. Playing in the original mode allowed me the chance to find a Golf Club. Zombie heads were exploding and flying left and right. It was awesome! I finally managed to get, "FORE" which is an achievement for beheading 18+ zombies with the Golf Club.

As kind of a side note, I'm a little ashamed of my video quality as of late. I use Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and it's been updated more frequently the past month or two. While I haven't changed any settings, it seems as though I should be testing and pushing those settings further. The screenshots came from the original video and quite a few parts came out looking pretty bad. I'll fix and test that later.

In case last night's L4D2 live broadcast was missed, check it out here. Skip a few minutes in (11m 44s) to skip the "pre-streaming" lobby music:





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